10 Things I Hate

  • Top 10 Things I Hate:
    10. Cowards- people who won’t stand up for themselves or for other people.

    9. Constant complainers- People who complain constantly and ask for your advice but don’t take it…yet they keep complaining

    8. Irresponsibility-  People who can’t take responsibility for their actions and then want handouts from other people.  Don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again and expect others to give you charity.

    7. Selfish people-  people who are so caught up in themselves that they don’t care how what they say or do affects other people.

    6. Attention Whores-  If you are so desperate for attention that you seek it from anyone and everyone who will give it to you, seek professional help.

    5. Intentional Liars-  This includes people who lie and make you think you’re friends when their actions show otherwise as well as people who intentionally lie about other things because they just don’t have enough respect for people to tell them the truth.  Both kinds of people can also be considered cowards.

    4.  Hypocrites-  People who scream and yell about how wrong one person is, yet supporting someone else who has done the exact same things.  This also includes people who preach at you about how wrong you are in your decisions or whatever but they have no control over their own lives. Actually, sometimes I like these kinds of people because I like watching them look more and more dumb.

    3.  Pure hatefulness-  People that take great pleasure in tearing other people down just because…Basically, vile, evil people.  I can get hateful sometimes, too, but it’s usually because other people are being stupid and aren’t making any sense with their crap.  PURE hate comes from something some people have inside them that gives them a desire to want to hurt others so they feel better about themselves.

    2.  Suck-ups- No one is important enough to warrant sucking up.  Furthermore, don’t personally attack me or talk to me like you dislike or hate ME and five minutes later tell me how much you love and respect me. Ugh.

    1.  People who are fake.-I don’t have time for people who play games. This includes people who pretend to be your friend as long as they can get something from you and once they are done with you they are gone. These people do not understand the concept of friendship.  


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