For all the cleansing of our bodies that we do…inside and out, it’s hard sometimes to cleanse our spirit, yet it’s something that’s just as important.  It’s not an easy task, either.

Sometimes we just have to take some time and empty ourselves of things we care about:  our concerns, our disappointments, our purpose, our desires, our dreams, our worries, our ambitions, our resentments, our jealousy…all those things we hold onto that we THINK are important.  We just need to let them all go.  Sometimes, this may even include people who are holding us back.

Then, we can put back in those things that are really meaningful and actually enjoy the ride.

We get so wrapped up with need to, have to, want to, and can’t live without when we just need to clean out that space and have room to really LIVE.  And, once we clean out all of the “crap” we’ll actually find freedom and power in what’s left.

Yeah, I know…it’s a nice thought.  But, is it really possible?  I guess it depends on what kind of life you want to live and the determination you have to get the most you want and deserve out of life.

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