Character and Mis-Assumptions

Nothing in this world is guaranteed. All that we really have is our good name aka our character.

Everything we do determines our character. That’s why it’s important to live a REAL life rather than the life we wish we could live.

Everyone wants to be loved, accepted, needed, etc. But, if we aren’t, then what? Do we stop living? Do we just end it all? Do we give up? No. The best we can do is be who we are even if it means living a life of loneliness. Sure, our character and who we are won’t necessarily keep us warm at night, but it WILL keep us honest to ourselves.

Wanting things in life doesn’t mean we’ll get them. You can try to do what makes you happy and be disappointed over and over again because other people want different things. Just because spending time around someone makes you happy doesn’t mean that spending time around you makes THEM happy. It’s a common mis-assumption. We get so excited about things and then things not only don’t turn out like we expect, they make us miserable, in fact.

We believe what we want to believe. However, what it all boils down to is trying to do your best to stay true to who YOU are despite how others (even friends) feel about you. No one can take your character away.

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