Too Much…or Not Enough

It’s very strange to grow up with a father who said “I love you” throughout your life & a mother who only said it to you when you were a child. Thankfully, I took my father’s queue when it came to love.

Why are people afraid to say it? Is it some kind of a pride thing? Do they think it will make them vulnerable? I’ve never understood what is so difficult about saying it, assuming you actually mean it. Yes, there are those who say “I love you” simply because it is something they think they are ‘supposed’ to say…particularly at church. They don’t really mean it. Love is simply a word they’ve been taught to say and repeat like a programmed robot. I’ve just never understood what’s so difficult about telling someone you love them when you actually mean it.

I have never told anyone I love them if I don’t.  I’ve also never been afraid to say it. Yes, love can make you vulnerable. People can and have taken advantage of my love. But, I’d rather be someone who takes that chance and says what they feel than someone who holds it in.  I always wished there were more people who told me they loved me, which I guess is why I say it as much as I do now. I WANT people to know that I love them and I don’t see anything wrong with it.  Most people WANT to know that they are loved.  Is there anyone who DOESN’T want to know that?

Some may think I say it too much.  Maybe my love isn’t worth as much as someone else who might say it, but that’s not the point.  I’d rather live knowing I’ve said the most important words while someone is living rather than saying it only when I’m standing at a funeral when it’s too late. Love means nothing to the dead and buried. The living need it more than they would ever let anyone know. So, I’d rather say it too much than not enough…just in case someone I love needs to hear it.

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