Do You Read Yourself?

I have to wonder sometimes if people really read what they write, especially on social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). If they do actually read what they write, do they see how crazy they are or do they see themselves as normal?

Social media provides a great outlet for when we feel we need to rant or just express an opinion publicly, but it also provides an avenue for the mentally unbalanced to seek out attention from whomever they can get to fall for it.

How many people have you seen TAG people in tweets with pictures of their cats or any pet for that matter? The only people who MIGHT care about seeing cute pics of your cats are MAYBE close friends who may have cats themselves…or even people who might actually follow you on twitter. Otherwise, no one cares about cute pics of your damn cats. If someone doesn’t follow you on twitter, it should be a sign that they don’t care about ANYTHING you have to say, much less about pics of your stupid animals.

While I have been known to tweet about a bad day I’m having, it’s more of just an outlet for me. Others do it hoping that someone will feel sorry for them. Twitter, specifically, is 140 characters for a reason. If your tweets are so long that twitlonger or other similar programs are picking up your long ass “poor me” posts, you might want re-think what you’re writing. If you still think what you’re writing is ‘normal’ get a blog, then direct those who WANT to read your whining to said blog.

I understand that people need an outlet to vent. I like having an outlet to vent, personally, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, etc. Writing is a great outlet to keep yourself sane. There is a point, however, when people need to stop and decide if what they are writing is to help themselves get something out, or if it’s an attempt at getting false sympathy or attention that they are lacking in their lives. I do get some of my amusement from reading others attempts at attention, especially when it’s so blatant and obvious.  Maybe that’s not nice, but if you put it out there, you’re basically giving me permission to laugh at you.

So, read what you’re writing because someone may finally come along and tell you what a psycho you are…and then what will you do?

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