Glory Days Part 2

There were two things during my high school years that surprised me: one in a good way, and the other in a bad:

When I was a freshman & had a class where I got to tutor a couple of classmates, there was a guy named Paul in my class. Paul was one of the tutors as well and was one of the “popular” kids. For whatever reason, he would make snide remarks about me to 2-3 other guys in the classroom and they would all laugh at me. I don’t even remember what exactly was said. I just remember being very uncomfortable every time I went to class and basically held my breath hoping the “mean” chatter would be held to a minimum. I have no clue why I was the target, but I survived it. Thank God I only had to deal with it for one semester.

I never had another class with Paul until our senior year when we had Speech class together. Paul became our Senior Student Council President and seemed to have “grown up” since freshman year. We didn’t have much chance to communicate during Speech class but I didn’t feel uneasy around him and he never said a bad word about me that year. At the end of the year, when everyone was passing around their Memory Books for others to sign, I remember he came over to me and asked if he could sign my book. Needless to say, I was shocked and a little wary. I gave it to him and when I got it back he had written that he was glad he got to know me better, told me I was a great person, and wished me the best. While I had never let the way Paul treated me freshman year affect me, nor did I think about him again until senior year when we were thrown together again, it was nice to see how he had not only changed, but in a way felt compelled to sort-of make amends, I guess. It meant a lot to me that he took that great of an effort. I saw him at our 10 year reunion and he remembered me and we had a nice chat. I hope he’s still doing well.

The “bad” surprise came in my senior year as well. There were 3 girls I waited at the bus stop with and we had become “friends” over the years. One of the girls, Barbara,  told me  a guy in her biology class “liked” me. How this guy knew who I was I had no clue. One day, she handed me a letter that he wrote to me. I’m no expert in handwriting, but it looked like ‘female’ handwriting, so I had a feeling something was off. All 3 girls kept talking about how ‘cool’ it was that this mystery guy liked me and that I should write him back. Having that feeling that something was off about this, I wrote “him” a letter.  I told “him” I appreciated his letter and maybe we could meet sometime. In the letter, I asked what class he had with Barbara (I knew what she had told me, but I TOLD “him” I couldn’t remember). When “he” wrote back, he stated he was in her Intro Geometry class. This is where Barbara screwed up her little game: she didn’t remember her own lies.  I went along with this game a little while longer, even though it hurt that people I thought were my friends would do that to me just so they could laugh at me behind my back. But, as I like to say even ’til the day: whether you’re laughing WITH me or AT me, at least you’re laughing. Once I told them I was on to their game, I stayed away from them as much as I could. They got mad at ME for foiling their game, which was hilarious and they didn’t see anything wrong with what they did. It was “just a joke” to them. Trying to make a fool out of a friend is no joke.

Glory Days Part 1

When I was growing up, I never cared what people thought of me. I was the nerdy girl in glasses who was basically a loner most of her life. I had friends I played with when I was younger and my Dad always said I never met a stranger, but nothing really ‘stuck’ much when it came to friends for me. I just always wanted to be nice to everyone whether we were friends or not.

As I got older, I was never a part of any cliques in school.  I was still the nerdy girl with glasses and the teacher’s pet. I liked being the teacher’s pet, although I wasn’t the teacher’s pet that kissed ass. I just liked grading papers and helping. I was always the helper. My 4th grade teacher was pregnant at the end of my 4th grade year and invited me to spend a week at her house that summer.  I remember spending it helping out with her new baby boy. She also bought me a yellow dress and shoes and took me to a children’s ballet. The next year, a teacher of mine heard me sing in the talent show and decided to start a school choir…because of me. When you’re that young, it feels really good to feel like adults respect you that much.

In high school, I was still a nerdy girl with glasses and became the girl the popular kids picked on. It was a little mean, but not in the way that some kids got picked on. I was the ugly, nerdy girl so most of it was as much of the popular guys embarrassing each other as it was about embarrassing me. One guy would say “Hey, Todd wants to go out with you”. Todd would blush and get upset and say “No, I don’t!”. Other ugly, awkward girls like me who were teased would go cower in a corner and cry.  I was NEVER going to be that girl. Honestly, the teasing didn’t make me want to cry anyway. I found it amusing for some reason.  I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt my feelings, but I never felt like crying…not even when people I thought were actually friends of mine decided to get in on the joke.

To be continued….

The Giving Up Point

At what point do you consider something a lost cause and give up? At what point do you make a decision to not try anymore?

If someone makes plans with you over and over again and cancels at the last minute over and over again, I think that’s a pretty good sign they don’t care about KEEPING plans with you. It’s a clear sign they don’t respect your time or your feelings so why continue the pattern?

Giving up depends on how close you are to someone, too. If you are building a relationship with someone, being blown off over and over again is an early sign of things to come. If you decide to let it go, there may be a bigger fall waiting in the wings.  Been there, done that.

Everyone has to decide for themselves what their own giving up point is. It boils down to how much of yourself you’re willing to give up for someone else. Respect is a big thing. If someone doesn’t have that for you, it’s sometimes best to cut those ties because the chance of things changing aren’t very high.


The Bottom Line (Author Unknown)

This has been one of my favorites for many years:


The Bottom Line

FACE IT, nobody owes you a living.
What you achieve, or fail to achieve in your lifetime
Is directly related to what you do or fail to do.
No one chooses his parents or childhood,
But you can choose your own direction.
Everyone has problems and obstacles to overcome,
But that, too, is relative to each individual.
You can change anything in your life
If you want to badly enough.
Excuses are for losers! Those who take responsibility for their actions
Are the real winners in life.
Winners meet life challenges head on
Knowing there are guarantees, and give it all they’ve got
And never think it’s too late or too early to begin.
Time plays no favorites
And will pass whether you act or not
Take control of your LIFE
Dare to Dream and take risks……
If you aren’t willing to work for your goals Don’t expect others to.


Do You Read Yourself?

I have to wonder sometimes if people really read what they write, especially on social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). If they do actually read what they write, do they see how crazy they are or do they see themselves as normal?

Social media provides a great outlet for when we feel we need to rant or just express an opinion publicly, but it also provides an avenue for the mentally unbalanced to seek out attention from whomever they can get to fall for it.

How many people have you seen TAG people in tweets with pictures of their cats or any pet for that matter? The only people who MIGHT care about seeing cute pics of your cats are MAYBE close friends who may have cats themselves…or even people who might actually follow you on twitter. Otherwise, no one cares about cute pics of your damn cats. If someone doesn’t follow you on twitter, it should be a sign that they don’t care about ANYTHING you have to say, much less about pics of your stupid animals.

While I have been known to tweet about a bad day I’m having, it’s more of just an outlet for me. Others do it hoping that someone will feel sorry for them. Twitter, specifically, is 140 characters for a reason. If your tweets are so long that twitlonger or other similar programs are picking up your long ass “poor me” posts, you might want re-think what you’re writing. If you still think what you’re writing is ‘normal’ get a blog, then direct those who WANT to read your whining to said blog.

I understand that people need an outlet to vent. I like having an outlet to vent, personally, whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, etc. Writing is a great outlet to keep yourself sane. There is a point, however, when people need to stop and decide if what they are writing is to help themselves get something out, or if it’s an attempt at getting false sympathy or attention that they are lacking in their lives. I do get some of my amusement from reading others attempts at attention, especially when it’s so blatant and obvious.  Maybe that’s not nice, but if you put it out there, you’re basically giving me permission to laugh at you.

So, read what you’re writing because someone may finally come along and tell you what a psycho you are…and then what will you do?

Comfortable Means Vulnerable

One of the biggest mistakes in life is getting too comfortable.

Even in the best of relationships, getting too comfortable can set you up for a fall. When you get too comfortable you make yourself vulnerable. There’s nothing wrong with trusting people enough to take that risk. That’s what trust is. But, putting yourself in that position can have consequences. Getting comfortable with people isn’t a bad thing, but you have to always make sure you have your life vest handy so you don’t drown because you’ve become comfortable.