Little memories

Dad used to produce these massive burps… MASSIVE.  We’d look at him and he’d say “Don’t worry.  I saved a piece for you.”

Tonight, I produced a rather massive burp while sitting in my apartment on the couch next to my almost-15 year old nephew.  He shook his head in disgust and I said “It was your Papaw speaking through me.  He told me to tell you he saved a piece for you.”

He didn’t buy it.

I laughed so hard,  though…and then I cried.  I miss those little,  funny things about my Dad.

That moment when….

That moment when you take a seat in an auto repair shop that’s closest to the door where the cold air is coming in when others go in and out of it. You realize those around think you’re a dumbass,  but you don’t dare move to another seat because you want to make them to believe you enjoy the cold air and sat there on purpose.