Convicted killer suing murder victim’s family

Convicted killer suing murder victim’s family.

I read this story in pure disgust.

To summarize, a 61-year-old man, who’s served 18 years of his 31 year sentence for murdering his friend, is now suing the victim’s family for violating his privacy and intentionally inflicting emotional distress on him by telling the Department of Corrections he shouldn’t be allowed to serve his sentence in Canada, which is where he was born.

There is something wrong with a system that allows a victim’s family to be harassed and put through more pain by the person who inflicted the original pain on them in the first place. Am I the only one who thinks that someone who takes away someone’s right to a life should lose their right to inflict pain on anyone else, including using the court system to do it?

Why should someone who has taken the life of someone else get to have any say where they live out their punishment? I don’t get it. It’s just ridiculous.¬† To me, when you take a life you should lose all but your basic¬† rights…at least until your punishment has been served. All that a convicted murderer should be entitled to is basic rights of being treated humanely while in prison and, of course, being able to go through the appeal process if they truly believe they are innocent. Beyond that, their “choices” and ability to further victimize others should end with the life and choices that they took away from someone else.